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I am LM, a PhD student on mathematics with interests in free software, music and many other things.

Here you will find…

Disclaimer: Everything here is under construction, so there are some weird things and placeholders.

Poema 2023-02-25

Tibbie Dunbar by Robert Burns The tune by the Dubliners O wilt thou go wi’ me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar; O wilt thou go wi’ me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar; Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a car, Or walk by my side, O sweet Tibbie Dunbar. I care na thy daddie, his land and his money, I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly: Read more...

Poema 2023-02-12

Daisies by Andrew Young The stars are everywhere tonight, above, beneath me and around; they fill the sky with powdery light and glimmer from the night-strewn ground; for where the folded daisies are in every one I see a star. And so I know that when I pass where no sun’s shadow counts the hours Read more...

Poema 2023-02-06

Sera di febbraio di Umberto Saba Spunta la luna. Nel viale è ancora giorno, una sera che rapida cala. Indifferente gioventù s’allaccia; sbanda a povere mete. Ed è il pensiero della morte che, infine, aiuta a vivere. Umberto Saba che recita la poesia

Late Pictures From Firenze

So…I went to Firenze and Pisa. I have to say it, Firenze is probably the most beautiful and impressing city I have ever seen in my entire life, but it is so incredibly crowded that I found it difficult to trully enjoy. Also, it is quite expensive. On the other hand, Pisa is such a small and charming place. Many people told me it was an underwhelming city whose only attractive is literally the piazza del Duomo, where the leaning tower and the cathedral is. Read more...

Neh, No Other Languages, Too Much Work

So, some time ago I posted that I wanted to add three languages in my website. If you read that and found it completely unreasonable, as that statement is, you should have called me out on my bullshit. Everything is in English now, the only bad thing is that I want to share the Galleries with my family and that should be in Spanish, I guess I can use the Hugo feature for multilanguage only for that. Read more...
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