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I am LM, a PhD student on mathematics with interests in free software, music and many other things.

Here you will find…

Disclaimer: Everything here is under construction, so there are some weird things and placeholders.

Languages in This Website

TL;DR So, my girlfriend said to me that my last post did not have the option to be translated from Spanish to English. And now my solution is to gradually translate it in order to have the whole thing in Spanish, English and Italian, because I am a pretencious shit. What happened and what is going to happen? Well, this is most likely happening because previously I was using Wordpress, and in that way many Googly things are added to the website, therefore the translation is kind of automatic. Read more...

Fotos malísimas de Bologna

Bueno, pues esta semana fui a Bologna; presenté un cartel, hacía un calorón y comí hasta que me cansé. Se come riquísimo y bastísimo. Si me lo preguntas, se debe ir a la Osteria dell’Orsa, pedir un affitatto misto con todo lo que venga y una lasaña o tagliatelle al ragù. obvio también tienen montones de postres y de amari pal’ desempance. Gracias al Andrea y al Alessandro por haberme llevado por allá. Read more...

How to Fix Metadata of Pdf Files

Important disclaimer: For your own benefit you should never run random commands you find on the internet, this is why whenever I tell you to run a command, immediately after I will let you know exactly what it does. Feel free to check the documentation of the command to be sure I am not lying to you. This is a follow up of the quick entry I made previously on how to put metadata on your LaTeX generated documents. Read more...

Please Put Metadata in Your LaTeX Files

Today I wanted to homogenize the naming on my totally legally downloaded (😉) collection of maths books, just to (unsurprisingly) see just how messed up the metadata of files you get online is. And well, I will fix that for my files but it takes some time, and I will gift you the method I came up with to do so, once I finish. But for now, and since I was of course also guilty of not adding metadata to my documents before today, this is just a reminder of how to add metadata to documents typesetted with LaTeX. Read more...

Using KaTex Locally for Maths Typesetting in Hugo

Software Mathematics
If you work or study on mathematics related fields and have a website, you might often want to share your knowledge with the world. Of course, doing it is rather easy with many website creation tools, and there are also many tutorials to do it with any tool you can think of. So, I want to tell you how to do it using the static site generator Hugo and the JavaScript library KaTeX. Read more...
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