Leeds Statistics & Probability PGR Seminar Term 2 2023-24

This is Term 2 2023-24, so all the dates below correspond to the year 2024

Copyright disclaimer: The titles and abstracts of the talks are the property of the speakers and their colaborators.

February 28th

Comparing two functional principal component models

by Sonia Dembowska

Evolution of social decision-making

by Anna Sigalou

March 13th

A short introduction to stochastic calculus

by Yukun Cao

Abstract: As we dive into the world of randomness, a precise way to integrate with respect to a stochastic process is needed. However, the usual way of Lebesgue integral is usually not enough. We will have to consider a new way of integration: Ito integral. We will examine the construction of Brownian motion and Ito integral with respect to Brownian motion and if time permitting some properties of this new way of integration.

March 27th

Abdulla Al Mugharrid