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So, my girlfriend said to me that my last post did not have the option to be translated from Spanish to English. And now my solution is to gradually translate it in order to have the whole thing in Spanish, English and Italian, because I am a pretencious shit.

What happened and what is going to happen?

Well, this is most likely happening because previously I was using Wordpress, and in that way many Googly things are added to the website, therefore the translation is kind of automatic. I did not actually check this previously because it was my understanding that Google Chrome translates everything, but then again, I have not used Chrome in a long long time.

Since I ran away from Wordpress bECauSe oF ThE blOAt and I am not willing to go back, I need to come up with something. Fortunately there are options to translate content, and yes the easiest one would be to use some kind of Googlish trickery, but…not happening. So, the most interesting for me (but also most time consuming) is to use Hugo’s multilingual mode.

However, I found out that this implies that if you are seeing the English version of this, then you won’t be able to see the posts in Spanish, for instance. Which is problematic because, say, I want to share the photo galleries with my non-Spanish speaking friends and probably Linux tutorials and maths with my non-English (or non-native) speaking friends.

Now, if you go and read the Multilingual Mode documentation of Hugo, you might say that is not time consuming to implement, and you would be correct. What is time consuming though, is my solution to the problem I described above, which implies writing the all pages and blog posts in Spanish, English and Italian. This idea is great because it helps me to review the contents by writing thrice, but it already takes me a good part of the day to write a long tutorial, I can only imagine what will happen when I start translating.

But anyway, I am kind of fixated on this idea and most likely will happen gradually. I am, in fact, really excited about it because it will allow me to practice a lot writing long texts in Italian, and well just having better quality content by exercising proofreading…which is actually a great extra thing to gain.